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Galileo satellites are ready to be launched

Launch Readiness Review has confirmed that the next pair of Galileo satellites are ready to be launched. The supporting ground installations, operations facilities and teams are ready to take off for its journey.

Galileo satellites 27–28 have been scheduled to be launched form French Guiana on 2 December at 01:31 CET by a Soyuz launcher.

The Launch Readiness Review reviews the satellite manufacturer OHB, the launch service provider Arianespace, the EU Space Program Agency and the program’s Security Accreditation Board.

After this review, Arianespace-led RAL review will take place next week. This review will ensure the latest status of the launcher. Arianespace-led RAL will review global launch tracking facilities and the supporting ground infrastructure. This is needed for the final approval for the launching.

The satellites have already arrived in French Guiana in October this year. Here the satellites have been filled with hydrazine fuel as this fuel is the source of life for the satellites 12 years of working life.

These satellites will be added with the already existing 26 satellites of the Galileo constellation in the orbit. These satellites will add on to the global services of the existing satellites.

The recent satellite launch will be the 11th Galileo launch in 10 years. Scientists have already planned another two launches in next year. This will allow Galileo to reach Full Operational Capability to deliver its services to the world.

The launch of Batch 3 satellites is also going through final integration at OHB facilities.

The new Galileo Second Generation satellites have enhanced navigation signals.


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