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Flood hit France after heavy rain

On a large swath of southwest France, rivers have overflowed their banks on Friday. Heavy rain has lashed the region overnight and caused flood. Dozens of residents have to be evacuated to a safe place.

Other than heavy rain, there are also other factors at play behind this sudden flood. Warm southern winds have melted the snow of Pyrenees mountains recently. This snowmelt has also a great contribution behind the flood. This flood is going to be persist for several days.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has said in a statement that the flood has caused no serious accidents or deaths. Darmanin also said that firefighters have responded to 250 calls since the time flood came. Darmanin also held a meeting with local officials regarding the flood.

The Meteo France weather agency have also warned the residents of high avalanche risks in Pyrenees mountains. This mountain range separates France from Spain. Flood has been also reported in Spain too.

The regional government of Navarre in Spain has reported the death of one woman on Friday. The woman has died in her car as a heavy landslide hit the region. Heavy rain has caused the landslide.

French government’s top official, Eric Spitze has said that the situation of the flooded area is completely under control. But weather forecasts say that there will be more rain and as a result the level of floodwater will rise in several towns in France.

In coastal city Bayonne, authorities have warned the crowd through loudspeakers who have gathered at the bank of Nive river to take pictures of the torrents.

Authorities have also cancelled a rugby match in Bayonne because of the flood. Mayor Jean-Rene Etchegaray have also requested people that all business along Nive river will be closed till the risks are not settled.


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