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Fitness games are actually affecting our health

Because of COVID-19 pandemic Governments of all countries have imposed lockdowns and quarantine protocols. These lockdowns have prompted a cultural shift as we moved towards remote work and schooling. People also had to learn how to stay fit without regular access to gyms and athletic facilities.

But vaccines have changed this situation a bit. We have arrived at new normal. But at the time of the pandemic, we used to spend our whole time at home. In this time many of us has become interested in so-called “fitness gaming”. These games have been introduced to keep us healthy by moving our body.

But those kids and adults who are playing video games at home are a reason for our concern. The associate professor of Health Technology Lab, Amy Lu, has said that these video games has challenges the prevailing sedentary model, which is related to health benefits.

In late 1990s with the release “Dance Dance Revolution” has started the shift in the gaming world. This “Dance Dance Revolution” game is a kind of game where players stand on a dance platform and step on different tiles by listening to the music.

After that, game developers have developed games that has motion sensors and immersive elements, such as “augmented”. This trend of movement-based games has also excited game like fitness tracking tools like Fitbit.

Game developers have mixed fitness and augmented reality to develop their games. These games have forced users to go out into the world to play the game like Pokémon GO, which has been introduced in 2016. Pokémon GO was revolutionary in its approach, as per scientists. This game has remained as an example for other illustrated games that came after this.

Though these games claim to be healthy, but in reality, these games are played in a seated position and users do not really need to move from one place.


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