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Fireball travelled Earth’s sky for 186 miles and then vanished

“Earthgrazers” is an immediate name for a space object which has offer people form Georgia and Alabama to witness something rare in the sky. “Earthgrazers” is fireball meteors and it skims long distances across the upper atmosphere.

NASA says that very rarely these “Earthgrazers” bounce off the atmosphere and head back out into space.

Three of NASA’s meteor cameras has detected this fireball in the sky of Georgia and Alabama on 9th November at around 6:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

The fireball has entered the atmosphere of Earth at a very shallow angle and NASA scientists has calculated how far it has travelled across the planet.

The Fireball was first seen by one of NASA’s meteors at an altitude of 55 miles above the Georgia town of Taylorsville. It was moving northwest of the country at 38,500 miles per hour.

NASA has also said that its path was so lang that their automated software could not detect it all the way. So, they have ran another analysis code and found out that the fireball has travelled 186 miles through the air.

But an overcast sky in the region has blocked the view of the fireball for many people.

NASA says that it was small fragment of a burning asteroid.


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