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Engineers successfully transmitted data wirelessly by using nuclear radiation

Engineers from Lancaster University have transferred digitally encoded information wirelessly by the use of nuclear radiation successfully. Till now, radio waves and mobile phone signals used to rely on electromagnetic radiation for communication. But engineers have developed a new technology through which digitally encoded information can be transferred using “fast neutrons” instead of conventional technology.

The researchers have measured californium-252’s emission of fast neutrons by a detector and then recorded it in a laptop.

A word, an alphabet and a random number were encoded in the modulation of the neutron field which was selected blindly. Then the encoded information was recovered on the laptop screen by the output decoded on the laptop.

The researchers also conducted a number derived from a random number generator and encoded it without any prior knowledge of what has been uploaded and they transmitted and decoded the data and called it a double-blind test. In this way, all the tests that the researchers have done had proved to be 100% successful.

Researchers say that fast neutrons can provide us with great advantage over conventional electromagnetic waves as these waves become weak in the time of transmission through materials.

To achieve signal mixing being between electrons and neutrons, fast neutrons can also be incorporated with mixed-signal.


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