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Earthquakes and extreme rainfall increase the rates of landslides in Nepal

According to a new research, earthquakes and extreme rainfall will lead to a six-fold increase in the rates of rainfall-triggered landslides in Nepal during monsoon. The research explored extreme rainfall and earthquakes will increase landslide rates in the Himalayan nation then the landslides in normal Himalaya monsoon season.

Researchers analysed satellite imagery and rainfall data to make a clear picture of the strength of the monsoon season and the amount of land sliding from 1988 to 2018.

They found out “cloud outburst” storms of 1993 and 2002 caused four times more landslides than an average monsoon season.

Gorkha earthquake of 2015 caused six times more rainfall-triggered landslides expected from an average monsoon season. The damage caused by the 2015 earthquake does not happen right into its epicentre, but in nearby locations.

Researchers spent eight months to analyse 30 years of satellite imagery of Nepal. This analysis helped them to create a clear picture of where landslides occur and it effect on central and eastern Nepal.

Then the researchers put the data against monsoon, extreme rainfall, and earthquake to find out the main factors behind the increased landslide occurrences.

The researchers measured out the area that are most susceptible to future landslides and how the landslides are going to be affected by extreme weather and large earthquakes.


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