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Curiosity rover sends a picture of Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover have successfully captured a stunning image from its recent perch on Mars’ Mount Sharp. Scientists were awe-inspired by the beauty of the landscape. They combined the black-and-white image taken from different times of the day to create a rare postcard from Mars.

The Curiosity rover captures a 360-degree view of the surrounding with its black-and-white navigation cameras. The rover keeps it in a low-quality format to send the picture to Earth. But when the scientists saw the view of Mount Sharp, they have chosen to take the picture in the highest quality that the navigation cameras are capable of.

The researchers then added a tint of blue, orange and green in the picture to make us understand that these pictures are taken in different times in a day.

Earlier this month, engineers have ordered the rover to take composite images. This is why the rover has taken two pictures of the landscape, one in 8:30 a.m. and another in 4:10 p.m. local Mars time.

This has provided the scientists a contrasting lighting condition.


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