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Climate Warming forecasts are too rosy

Researchers reported that it is very uncertain how the current climate policies and national pledges are going to reduce carbon pollution and stop global warming. In the COP26 summit, the UN said that the existing policies are not going to help in reducing carbon emission. It has also been assumed that Earth’s average surface temperature will increase up to 2.7 degrees Celsius by the year 2100.

In COP26 summit, large emitters such as India was told to renew its pledges. But the new study has found out that all the information that were given during the summit are not true.

The usual method to measure out a country’s total carbon emission depend on coal use, renewables and afforestation.

But researchers think that to fulfil the goals of Paris treaty more stronger policies are needed. They have given us the example of Covid-19 as since the time the Covid-19 pandemic broke out world leaders have changed the policies to survive in this situation.

In the same way, the leaders now need to change policies to make it more it more effective to reduce carbon emission.


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