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Climate-driven Forest fires are on rise

A new study shows that, the increase of forest fires in the West will reduce the amount of fuel available for other burns. But, climate-driven forest fire is not going to diminish in coming decades. The wildfires will also become larger and severe.

Researchers have detailed their findings in a research paper-

  • Climate-driven Forest fire in the Western U.S. is going to be continued in the coming decades.
  • Fuel availability is going to reduce because of the continuous fire.
  • Fire seasons like 2020 are going to a common matter in the West.

This is the first study, that emphasised upon fire and fuel relationships in the West. The researchers put forward several plausible fire-fuel feedback scenarios.

The researchers have tested these fire-fuel feedbacks, if they are enough to bend the curve of increasing fire activity in the forest. As by 2050, the average annual forest area burned due to wildfire is going to increase by 50%.

Because of the forest fire, forest floors have been carpeted with fuel produced by the fire. This fuel interacts with warming and drying climate to increase the fire extent.

Researchers also show that climate change will increase the year-to-year variability in the area burned. Their research also shows that even without the use of fossil fuel, warming due to climate change will increase the annual averaged area burned in the next 30 years.

These findings will help to redefine the effects of fire on human-environment systems in the western U.S.

According to researchers, prescribed fire and forest clearing should be implemented to reduce the forest-fire activity. Forest should also allow to burned when they pose no threat to homes or infrastructure of the country.

The Biden administration’s recent emphasis on climate change-driven infrastructure has made the researcher’s work easier.


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