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Caucasian households emit most cardon despite greater energy efficiency

McGill University researchers have done a survey on 60 million individual American households to find out how carbon emissions caused by household energy use is different in various American ethnicity and race. The survey has found out that energy-efficient Caucasian neighbourhoods emit more carbon than African American neighbourhoods.

The researchers have focused on factors such as building age, ownership, and size of the neighbourhood to arrive to this conclusion. The Afro-American communities depend on less energy-efficient homes due to energy insecurity and poverty.

The researchers have come to a solution that the U.S. government needs to build a low-carbon housing sector. They also suggested that the government needs to encourage households to use green energy to reduce carbon emission.

In COP 26, it has also been decided that the higher carbon emitters need to cut off some of their necessities in order to reach to a better climate justice.


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