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Australian government unmasks online trolls

Australia’s government has announced that it will introduce a new legislation to unmask online trolls and it will hold social media platforms responsible for identifying them. Scott Morrison, the prime minister of Australia, said that law will protect Australians from online abuse and harassment.

Michaelia Cash, the attorney general, said in the legislation that not the users, but the social media platforms are responsible for defamatory comments by other people. This legislation will be introduced to parliament by early 2022.

The attorney general also said that another aim of this legislation is also to stop people making defamatory comments without being identified. The new legislation will also demand social media platforms to have a nominated entity, specially based in Australia.

Users will also be able to apply to the High Court for an “information disclosure order”. They can also demand the social media to provide details “to unmask the troll”.

People can also ask to take down the “troll” comment, if the other side is satisfied with it and can resolve the matter there.


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