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Australia sees bushfire in west and flood in east

Australia is battling with two natural disasters at the same time. In its west coast region, a wild bushfire took place and in the east region of the country, heavy rain has caused serious floods.

For a few weeks, temperature was high in the western region of the country. On Friday, this high temperature has finally caused a wild bushfire in the country’s tourist hotspot named Margaret River. Margaret River is also known for its fine wine and big surf.

The Australian govt has no reports of any damages of home or injuries to people. But the flames were high and it has been seen over a wide area. The smoke rising from this fire has billowed high in the sky.

The govt has already issued emergency warnings. Residents of the nearby area of the wildfire has been altered beforehand to move to a safe place.

Indian Ocean coast of Australia has sizzled under high temperature. This temperature has reached 40 degrees Celsius in some areas. But at this same time, the other side of Pacific Coast has been pummelled by rain for months.

Bureau of Meteorology has said that a low-pressure centre in the southern New South Wales coast has caused the heavy rainfall and flood has happened as a result.

Two years ago, some rural regions of Sydney have gone through the country’s worst-ever bushfire. This region has received 21 centimetres of rain in the last 24 hours.

As La Nina arrived, November has become the wettest month and broke 122 years of records.

Scientists strongly believes that man-made climate change has created such extreme weather in Australia.

In recent years, Australia is facing droughts, bushfires and floods together in different parts of the continent.


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