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Astronomers discover ancient brown dwarf with lithium

Brown dwarfs are known as “coffee-coloured dwarfs” and “failed stars” are supposed to be the natural link between stars and planets. Though they are bigger than Jupiter, but now these stars have little hydrogen. This is why they are not too observable and scientists detected them in the mid 1990’s.

In the past twenty years astronomers have done excessive research on these stars and found out that they use Kepler’s laws to move in the universe. Kepler’s law was a law invented by Johannes Kepler in XVII century. In this law Kepler describes the motions of astronomical bodies that works with their mutual gravitation.

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias researchers have done an observation using the OSIRIS spectrograph on the Gran Telescopio Canarias which is one of the largest optical and infrared telescopes in the world right now. The researchers have made a high sensitivity spectroscopic observation by this telescope.

The researchers detected lithium in Reid 1B which is the faintest and coolest of these stars. This is a remarkable discovery, as the lithium in Reid 1B was formed before Reid 1B was born.

A hidden treasure

This finding helped the scientists to study these dwarf stars with more accuracy. Scientists have divided the stars in two masses named thermonuclear masses and dynamical masses. Lithium is found in dynamical masses and researchers think that there is something in the behaviour of these stars that we still don’t understand.


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