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AI will help to accurately predict tsunamis

Researchers from Cardiff University have developed an artificial intelligence to predict the timing of tsunami. By analysing the ocean soundwaves which got triggered by underwater earthquakes they have developed the AI. The findings of this research have been published in a journal named Scientific Reports.

Scientists hope that this new technology will help them to predict real-time assessments of any tsunami.

Dr. Usama Kadri of Cardiff University’s School of Mathematics said that this technology will help to save lives as tsunami has devastating impacts on our society.

Scientists will be able to classify the type of earthquake and its properties from acoustic signals. This new methos will add on to the existing methods and will help experts to detect tsunami in near future.

Scientists say that this is only a preliminary stage of creating a more reliable tsunami warning system.

For their evidences, the scientists analysed deep ocean sound recordings of 201 earthquakes in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Tsunamis mainly occur after vertical earthquakes. As after this type of earthquake, tectonic plates start to move up and down, despite of moving horizontally. This event causes a displacement of huge amount of water which creates long waves, that we call tsunami.

This up and down motions make a compressing water layer in the ocean that sends specific sound signals to carry information about the long waves.

Scientists have used this information to train the artificial intelligence algorithms to understand when a vertical earthquake takes place. This will help in detecting future tsunamis in real-time.


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